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Zoom Meetings: No End-to-End Encryption

Zoom went from having 10 million daily users in December 2019 to having 200 million daily users in March 2020. While several sectors suffer from the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Zoom is one of the companies that is reaping huge benefits. Zoom gained over 1,900% in usage for claiming to offer end-to-end encryption and protecting the […]

5.2 Million Customers Affected by Marriott International 2020 Data Breach

Marriott International finds itself a victim of another major data breach, making it the second attack the hotel chain company has suffered in the past three years. The company announced on March 31st with details of the breach which affected 5.2 million hotel guests. The breach started in mid-January this year and went on for […]

Hacking of D-Link and Linksys Routers for Coronavirus-Themed Malware Attacks

Hackers always exploit vulnerabilities in architectural designs of IT devices and their unsuspecting users (individuals, organizations, corporations). As the world is currently at a standstill as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is no better time to have unsuspecting users waiting to be preyed on. The past seven days has seen reported cases of […]

Governments Around The Globe Experience Increase in Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks have been a major concern for companies and governments, especially in the last decade. Companies and governments store large amounts of valuable information on their systems’ hardware, and without proper security, sensitive information may be vulnerable to cyberattacks. These attacks are sometimes used by malicious agents to obtain trade secrets and, therefore, gain an […]

Hackers are Exploiting Unpatched Flaws on All Windows Versions – How to Protect Yourself

According to reports from Microsoft Corporation, hackers are exploiting two unpatched zero-day flaws that are present in all its supported versions of Windows operating system; Windows 10, 8.1 and Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019 editions, and Windows 7 which Microsoft ended its support in January, 2020. The two unpatched Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerabilities are […]

Critical Flaw in Adobe’s Creative Cloud Desktop Application Fixed

Adobe recently released an out-of-bound security update for a flaw in the Windows version of its Creative Cloud Desktop Application. The flaw was caused by a time-of-check to time-of-use (TOCTOU) race condition, a condition that occurs when two or more system operations attempt to make changes to a shared data. When the race condition is […]

A Lack of Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions for SMBs

According to a study Infrascale conducted in March of this year, about 21% of small to medium scale businesses lack data backup or disaster recovery solutions. The study was conducted using over 500 C-level executives, with CEOs consisting of 87% of the participant group. The remainder of the group were CTOs and CIOs. 58% of […]

Ransomware as a Service: Attackers are Publishing Data of Companies Not Paying Ransom

Ransomware attacks are popular for how they operate: they steal data, encrypt them and offer them back to their victims at a price – ransom. The response of victims depends on the value they place on the data, and most times, every single piece of data is valuable. Successful attacks are popular for raking in […]

A Mirai-Like IoT BotNet Project by Russian Intelligence

A hacking group (Digital Revolution) recently released documents of an alleged project by Russian intelligence to build an IoT botnet that functions like Mirai Botnet. The project, aliased Fronton, is linked with the Federal Security Service (FSB). Digital Revolution claims that the documents, created between 2017 and 2018 were retrieved from 0Day in 2019. 0Day […]

2 Ways That Cybercriminals Are Exploiting COVID-19 For Malicious Schemes

The lockdown of countries as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced billions of people to stay at home. Employees have been forced to work remotely, schools are on lockdown and social activities are on hold, except social media and the internet. As we know, a time like this presents opportunities for cybercriminals and […]

Data Leaks From Sodinokibi Ransomware Now Selling On Hacker Forums

The past year has seen changes in the way that malware threat actors extort money from their victims. In 2019, the operators of Maze Ransomware started publishing files of their victims on hack forums if they refused to pay the stipulated ransom. And since then, there has been an increasing adoption of this model by […]

FBI Cautions The Population About COVID-19 Scammers

As seen in every major pandemic, epidemic or any other global difficulty that humanity has experienced, other than panicking, some people take this time as a prime period to scam others. The pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is no exception. Scammers of all kinds are using this pandemic to steal, hurt and otherwise inconvenience other individuals […]

COVID-19 Threat Increases As Organizations Rally For System Safety

As with every world crisis, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has also created an opportunity for malicious parties to take advantage of this vulnerable time and to exploit the vulnerabilities of others. It is no secret that the cyberattacks, scams, and frauds are increasing to a level that is quite drastic. A level that is portraying a risk […]

Israeli Shield App Protects You From COVID-19

People all around the world are worried about Coronavirus, especially due to the way it spreads. It is almost impossible to tell whether a person is a carrier of the virus. We could be standing next to a carrier and we would not know that we are being infected. For this exact reason, the Israeli […]

As the Pandemic Continues, Taking Precautionary Measures to Stop The Spread

In a report released by the officials of Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities, the tactics employed by these scammers include the creation of an atmosphere of urgency and limited time offers, secrecy and the prompt not to tell anyone, low or minimal risks with guaranteed high returns, and unsolicited offers in terms of calls, […]

COVID-19 Being Used As A Cover For Cyberattacks

The rapid progression in technological advancements sometimes appear striking and we are left in awe. However, there is always a darker side to these advancements. The downsides of technology are widely observed when it comes to cyberterrorism. These particular terrorists can attack and cripple entire countries with a simple well placed virus. Technology is everywhere, […]

The Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and New Financial Scams

The outbreak of COVID-19, a strain of a family of viruses known as coronavirus, has dealt a heavy blow to the world economy and humans across the world. March 11th, 2020, The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak as a pandemic, acknowledging that the virus could spread to countries across the globe if not […]

CISA Warns Against COVID-19 Cyber Scams and Provides Security Tips

Cybercriminals waste no time in exploiting potential loopholes and advancing their tricks online. The target this time is the pandemic currently spreading – the coronavirus or COVID-19. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has warned individuals to remain alert to different phishing scams employed by scammers to trick individuals and companies into revealing sensitive […]

Backup Plans Are Essential If We Don’t Want To Be A Target Of Ransomware

There has been an increase in the number of cybercriminals sending ransomware to county governments. This relative increase was reported by many news stations, including a small consulting firm in Deloitte. There could be many reasons for this increase in ransomware attacks but there are some reasons which stand out above the rest. The 3 […]

The Rise of Ryuk Ransomware in the United States

For a time, in the world of cybercrime, Ryuk ransomware may have not been as widely seen in usage. Recently, however, there has been a growing rise in Ryuk ransomware attacks. In the new year so far, Ryuk ransomware has been used to compromise state owned systems; the state of Florida had to pay $1M […]

Hackers Can Clone Millions of Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia Keys

The keyless start systems offer lots of convenience, but car owners are now used its vulnerabilities to relay attacks. Unfortunately, even keyed systems of some of the biggest car manufacturers do not offer much guarantees. A few encryption flaws have allowed hackers the ability to clone these chip-enabled mechanical keys and drive off within seconds. […]

Chinese Army Accused of Stealing American Data by the US

In 2017, the United States saw one of the biggest thefts of personal data in its history when Chinese hackers stole information of 145 million Americans. The data included their names, addresses, Social Security Number (SSN) and their driver’s license numbers from Equifax credit reporting agency. The theft was the latest attempt by China to […]

How a Ransomware Attack Shut Down a US Gas Pipeline Operator’s Activities

In a statement released by the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS CISA), a natural gas pipeline facility in US was forced to shut down for two days by its operators because of a ransomware attack. This came as a surprise to the operator, being that they had not prepared for […]

The Data Breach has Cost us Nearly $2 Billion – Equifax

Credit Reporting agencies (C.R.A), popularly known as credit bureaus, create credit reports that give a detailed sketch of an individual’s credit history. Credit reporting agencies get these details from businesses, credit card companies, banks, landlords, employers, etc., and not from the individuals themselves.   Equifax Inc., one of the largest consumer credit reporting agencies, said […]

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