Benefits of a Private Cloud

The rise of private cloud solutions is gaining momentum, primarily due to the increasing need for enhanced data security. Industries such as education, retail, and government are increasingly opting for private cloud environments to handle workloads involving sensitive data, ensuring compliance with privacy and regulatory standards. According to a report by Technavio, the private cloud […]

Cyberattack Disables Over 600,000 Internet Routers in Midwest

A cyberattack caused an outage that disabled over 600,000 internet routers across several Midwestern states, according to new research from Black Lotus Labs, the threat research arm of Lumen Technologies. The investigation did not reveal the specific company targeted, but Reuters has identified the victim as Windstream, an Arkansas-based Internet Service Provider (ISP), by cross-referencing […]

Malware Fraudsters Utilize Fake Docusign Formats for Extortion and Corporate Theft

Cybercriminals have been leveraging counterfeit Docusign materials to orchestrate phishing attacks and unlawfully obtain assets from unsuspecting companies. The prevalence of phishing emails impersonating Docusign requests has seen a notable uptick, fueled by an underground market where fake templates and login credentials are readily available. Research conducted by cybersecurity experts has unveiled a surge in […]

Microsoft to Unveil Future of Windows PCs with Arm and AI Innovations

Microsoft is poised to unveil its vision for the future of Windows PCs, with a focus on integrating Qualcomm’s latest Arm silicon and cutting-edge AI capabilities. This next generation of devices promises to enhance user experience through real-time language translation, improved webcam functionalities, boosted gaming performance, and on-device AI-generated content. Since early 2021, Microsoft has […]