Breakthrough AI Translates Brain Signals into Detailed Images

Researchers have achieved a significant milestone in neuroscience and artificial intelligence by developing an AI system capable of reconstructing images from brain activity with remarkable accuracy. Advanced AI System Maps Brain Activity to Images This advanced AI system, developed by scientists at Radboud University in the Netherlands, has learned to focus on specific brain regions, […]

TeamViewer Confirms Cyberattack Linked to Russian Intelligence

TeamViewer, the well-known provider of remote access tools, has confirmed a cyberattack on its corporate network attributed to government-backed hackers from Russian intelligence, specifically APT29 (also known as Midnight Blizzard). The German-based company discovered an initial intrusion on June 26, linked to the credentials of a standard employee account within their corporate IT environment. TeamViewer […]

Change Healthcare Confirms Major Ransomware Attack On Substantial Portion Of Americans

Change Healthcare has confirmed a February ransomware attack on its systems, causing widespread disruption to the U.S. healthcare system and resulting in the theft of medical records affecting a substantial proportion of Americans. The health tech giant, owned by UnitedHealth Group, processes patient insurance and billing for thousands of hospitals, pharmacies, and medical practices across […]

Benefits of a Private Cloud

The rise of private cloud solutions is gaining momentum, primarily due to the increasing need for enhanced data security. Industries such as education, retail, and government are increasingly opting for private cloud environments to handle workloads involving sensitive data, ensuring compliance with privacy and regulatory standards. According to a report by Technavio, the private cloud […]