Addressing Cloud Cybersecurity Risks

Cloud security remains a top concern for about 40% of professionals, as revealed by a survey by cybersecurity vendor Delinea at the 2023 RAS Conference. Cloud environments are attractive targets due to their vast data storage, making cloud providers susceptible to cyberattacks. Mitigating these risks requires a holistic approach, recognizing that no single control can fully prevent breaches.

When working with third-party cloud providers, policyholders should conduct thorough due diligence and ensure sufficient insurance coverage based on data transfers. Proper initial configuration and regular reviews are vital to avoid compliance violations and network vulnerabilities.

Implementing multifactor authentication (MFA) and privileged access management (PAM) tools is crucial for authorized network and resource access. Organizations should demonstrate continuous improvement in cybersecurity posture through measured advancements, such as engaging different vendors for audits.

Fostering a culture of good cyber hygiene practices is critical, with executive buy-in and commitment being vital to protect network operations and ensure business continuity, as human error contributes to most cloud security failures.