Adobe Introduces the Next Era of Creative Cloud: Photoshop Empowered by Generative AI as a Collaborative Assistant

Adobe unveils Generative Fill in Photoshop, integrating Firefly AI capabilities into design workflows. This collaborative co-pilot feature allows users to easily add, extend, or remove content from images using text prompts. Generative Fill transforms workflows across Adobe platforms, marking a significant milestone for Creative Cloud. Firefly, Adobe’s family of generative AI models, generates professional-quality content and can be seamlessly embedded into creators’ workflows.

The feature supports non-destructive editing, accelerates creativity, and ensures transparency with Content Credentials. Photoshop also introduces additional enhancements for efficient and unique designs. Generative Fill is available in the Photoshop beta app and will be generally accessible in the second half of 2023. Adobe’s AI innovations amplify human creativity and personalize experiences across its platforms.