The Data Breach has Cost us Nearly $2 Billion – Equifax

Credit Reporting agencies (C.R.A), popularly known as credit bureaus, create credit reports that give a detailed sketch of an individual’s credit history. Credit reporting agencies get these details from businesses, credit card companies, banks, landlords, employers, etc., and not from the individuals themselves.   Equifax Inc., one of the largest consumer credit reporting agencies, said […]

NATO email breach caused by Winter Vivern hackers exploiting Zimbra vulnerability

Since February 2023, a Russian hacking group called TA473, or ‘Winter Vivern’, has been using unpatched Zimbra endpoints to steal emails of NATO officials, governments, military personnel, and diplomats, according to a report by cybersecurity firm Proofpoint. The group targets unpatched webmail platforms using the Acunetix tool vulnerability scanner, sends phishing emails from compromised addresses […]