Enhancing the Senior Care Experience through Optimized Cloud Infrastructure

The senior living industry and healthcare sector have fully embraced the utilization of cloud technology to benefit both their staff and patients. Now, experts are emphasizing its growing significance in enhancing the patient experience. According to Global Market Insights, the demand for cloud technology is projected to escalate, with the global healthcare cloud computing market […]

Harnessing Contemporary Cloud Security Tools in Banking to Minimize Human Errors

Financial institutions are increasingly embracing cloud technology due to its efficiency, security, and scalability. The ability to cater to customer preferences, personalize solutions, and access on-demand data analytics solutions, including AI, is driving the rapid adoption of cloud services in the banking industry. According to Accenture, the banking industry’s workloads in the cloud more than […]

Tech giants, including Google, express dissatisfaction over unfair practices in the cloud industry

Tech industry leaders, including Google, express concerns about alleged unfair practices in the cloud market, with Microsoft being a prominent target. These grievances were submitted in response to a request from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) seeking information on security and competition in the cloud industry. The scrutiny extends globally, with Europe’s antitrust authority investigating […]