PayPal Notifies Thousands of Users about Data Breach

PayPal has sent out data breach notifications to thousands of users whose accounts were accessed through credential stuffing attacks, which exposed some personal data. Credential stuffing attacks are automated attempts by hackers to access an account by using username and password pairs sourced from data leaks on various websites. The attack targets users who use […]

Hackers post email addresses linked to 200 million Twitter accounts, security researchers say

Security experts have warned that email addresses linked to over 200 million Twitter profiles are being circulated on underground hacker forums, which could potentially expose the identities of anonymous users and make it easier for cybercriminals to take over Twitter accounts or victims’ accounts on other websites. The leaked data includes users’ names, account handles, […]

German hotel chain H-Hotels hit by cyberattack, claimed by Play ransomware gang

H-Hotels, a prominent hospitality company with 60 hotels in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, experienced a cyberattack on December 11th, 2022. Play ransomware has claimed responsibility for the attack, which caused communication outages for the hotel chain, affecting the ability of hotel staff to receive or answer customer requests sent via email. Although guest bookings were […]

Ransomware Attack Hits Colombia’s Healthcare System

Colombian healthcare provider Keralty and its subsidiaries, EPS Sanitas and Colsanitas, have been hit by a ransomware attack. The incident disrupted the company’s IT operations, websites, and scheduling of medical appointments. Although Keralty initially described the disruption as technical issues, it later confirmed that the companies’ computer servers had been targeted by cybercriminals, causing technical […]