Avast’s Q1 2023 report reveals rise in cyberattacks targeting major tech brands such as Microsoft and Adobe

Avast’s latest report indicates a significant surge in cyberattacks targeting popular technology brands, such as Microsoft and Adobe, during Q1 of 2023. The report shows that phishing and smishing attacks have increased by 40% from the previous year, with social engineering tactics being employed in two-thirds of all online threats. Cybercriminals are exploiting the trust […]

Meta cautions users about the presence of fraudulent ChatGPT accounts on its platform

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has issued a warning about fraudulent ChatGPT accounts on its platform. The company has discovered that malware creators are taking advantage of the public’s interest in ChatGPT and using this to entice users into downloading harmful applications and browser extensions. Meta has likened the phenomenon to cryptocurrency scams, as both […]

Amazon’s Secret Weapon, AWS, Slows Down as Growth Stalls

Cloud computing revolutionized the technology industry by allowing companies to create apps, lease and access software, and rent computing power with just an internet connection. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was among the pioneers of cloud infrastructure services, launching in 2006 and leading the way for other technology giants to offer similar services. However, recent reports […]

Police operation ‘SpecTor’ results in 288 arrests of drug vendors and buyers on the dark web

Law enforcement agencies have arrested 288 dark web vendors and buyers worldwide and seized €50.8 million ($55.9M) in cash and cryptocurrency as part of an international operation called ‘SpecTor’. The operation targeted vendors who sold drugs and firearms to users of darknet marketplaces, primarily on a site called ‘Monopoly Market’ that was launched in 2019 […]

1Password clarifies the reasons behind alarming Secret Key and password change notifications

1Password clarifies recent password change notifications were caused by a brief service disruption and not a security breach, according to a statement by CTO Pedro Canahuati. On April 27th, an erroneous message was displayed by 1Password’s client applications stating that customers’ Secret Key or password had been recently changed, which caused concern among users. Canahuati […]