ScanSource Attributes Multi-Day Outages to Ransomware Attack

Prominent technology provider, ScanSource, has confirmed a ransomware attack that disrupted its systems, operations, and customer portals. The US-based company offers cloud services, SaaS connectivity, and specialized solutions like point of sale (PoS) and security. Reports from customers unable to access ScanSource’s portals raised concerns of a cyberattack, later confirmed by the company. Following the […]

The Importance of Attack Surface Management

Attack surface management (ASM) is often overlooked in securing cloud computing environments, despite its critical importance. Many cloud security training programs and certifications tend to focus on specific tools and trends, neglecting the comprehensive approach that ASM offers. However, with attackers becoming more sophisticated and leveraging advanced AI technology, it is crucial for enterprises to […]

Addressing Cloud Cybersecurity Risks

Cloud security remains a top concern for about 40% of professionals, as revealed by a survey by cybersecurity vendor Delinea at the 2023 RAS Conference. Cloud environments are attractive targets due to their vast data storage, making cloud providers susceptible to cyberattacks. Mitigating these risks requires a holistic approach, recognizing that no single control can […]

TSA Trials Facial Recognition Technology for Enhanced Airport Security

TSA tests facial recognition to streamline airport security, allowing passengers to proceed through checkpoints by inserting an ID card and looking into a camera. The pilot project is currently implemented in 16 airports, offering voluntary participation. Critics raise concerns about biases in facial recognition algorithms and privacy implications. TSA emphasizes the pilot’s accuracy, privacy measures, […]