Costa Rica to receive $25M from US to enhance cybersecurity measures

The collaboration between the United States and Costa Rica on cybersecurity has been confirmed, with the United States announcing a plan to provide $25 million to enhance Costa Rica’s digital infrastructure. The US Department of State intends to allocate around $25 million in funding, subject to congressional approval, to improve Costa Rica’s cyber defenses against malicious actors.

The US will partner with the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology, and Telecommunications to establish a centralized Security Operations Center to monitor, prevent, detect, investigate and respond to cyber threats. The funding will also provide immediate support for cybersecurity training operations, including hardware, software, and other cybersecurity tools, as well as long-term capacity building. The US ambassador to Costa Rica, Cynthia Telles, said, “This extensive cooperation in cybersecurity reflects our shared commitment to a secure Costa Rica.” The US Department of State’s Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy will work with MICITT to carry out these measures.