Google loses AI trailblazer who raises concerns about the risks of the technology

Geoffrey Hinton, a prominent figure in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), recently left his position at Google to express concerns about the potential dangers of the technology he helped develop. Hinton’s work on neural networks has been instrumental in shaping the AI systems behind many of today’s products. However, he has since become worried about the technology and his role in advancing it. In a tweet, Hinton stated that he left Google so he could speak freely about the risks of AI, rather than because of a desire to criticize Google specifically. He also expressed concern about the potential for AI-powered chatbots to spread misinformation and displace jobs. Hinton’s decision to speak out on the technology comes as a growing number of lawmakers, advocacy groups, and tech insiders have raised alarms about AI’s potential risks to society and humanity. Hinton had previously spoken publicly about AI’s potential to do harm, and he is not the first Google employee to raise concerns about the technology.