Nearly 300,000 Individuals Affected by Dish Ransomware Assault

Last week, Dish informed the Maine Attorney General regarding a recent data breach and shared a copy of the notification letter sent to affected individuals. Dish disclosed to authorities that over 296,000 people were impacted by the incident.

According to the notification letter, there is no evidence that customer databases were accessed by hackers. However, the stolen data does include employee-related records and personal information, encompassing former employees and their family members.

The security breach came to light in late February when Dish experienced a disruption in various services, including websites and applications. The company later confirmed that the outage resulted from a ransomware attack and acknowledged the possibility of personal information being stolen.

Dish is now assuring affected individuals that there is no known misuse of their information and has received confirmation that the extracted data has been deleted. This confirmation suggests that the company may have paid a ransom to the cybercriminals.

In the customer letter, Dish stated that despite no evidence of personal data misuse, it is offering credit monitoring services to affected individuals and conducting scans of the web, including the dark web, to prevent the stolen data from surfacing.