OpenAI CEO Encouraged by Discussions with Global Leaders on Controlling Risks Associated with AI

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, expressed optimism on Monday regarding the willingness of world leaders to address the potential risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) technology being developed by his company and others.

As part of his ongoing world tour, Altman visited Tel Aviv, a major tech hub, following visits to several European capitals. The purpose of his tour is to promote OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, a widely popular AI chatbot that has garnered global attention.

The world tour comes in the wake of a warning issued by hundreds of scientists and tech industry leaders, including high-ranking executives from Microsoft and Google, about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence to humanity. Altman himself was a signatory to the warning.

Concerns about AI systems surpassing human capabilities and potentially causing unintended consequences have intensified with the emergence of a new generation of highly advanced AI chatbots. Governments worldwide are scrambling to establish regulations for this developing technology, with the European Union leading the way through its anticipated approval of the AI Act later this year.

Altman stated, “Alongside the tremendous opportunities offered by this incredible technology, there are also significant risks to humanity and the autonomy of individuals in the future.” President Herzog echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need to ensure that AI development is directed toward the well-being of humanity.

In recent years, Israel has emerged as a technological leader, with its industry producing notable technologies utilized globally. However, the country has faced controversy due to the export of Pegasus, a powerful and sophisticated spyware developed by the Israeli company NSO. Critics argue that Pegasus has been employed by authoritarian regimes to spy on activists and dissidents. Additionally, the Israeli military has begun incorporating artificial intelligence into specific tasks, including crowd control procedures.

During his world tour, Altman has engaged with several world leaders, including British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, French President Emmanuel Macron, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Altman also announced plans to visit Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, India, and South Korea in the coming week.