Salesforce Enhances Data Cloud Connectivity through Collaboration with CData

Salesforce, the CRM leader, is strengthening the data layer that powers its AI Cloud. The company has announced a collaboration with CData Software, a data connectivity provider, to enable enterprise teams to incorporate a wider range of datasets into their Salesforce Data Cloud instances.

Through this partnership, Salesforce customers will have access to CData connectors, allowing them to extract data from disparate sources and create comprehensive customer profiles. This enriched data will fuel the entire Customer 360 suite, empowering sales, service, commerce, and marketing functions.

The objective is to enhance personalized and connected customer experiences, providing a competitive edge in crowded markets.

CData offers a robust library of more than 270 connectors that facilitate real-time access to data from various on-premises, SaaS, and cloud applications. Salesforce Data Cloud users will have the opportunity to leverage this extensive library, enabling data integration from their preferred touchpoints.

Amit Sharma, CEO of CData, explains that customers can seamlessly utilize the connectors within their Salesforce instance, streamlining access to customer data across their technology stack. This unified view of the customer journey enables advanced analytics, modernizes business processes, and addresses the challenge of fragmented data assets spread across multiple sources.

For Salesforce customers, this partnership fills a significant gap in connecting and deriving value from disparate data sources and touchpoints.

The collaboration aligns with CData’s existing offerings, which include syncing Salesforce data with third-party platforms and connecting data sources to Tableau, a Salesforce-owned business intelligence and analytics product.

Chandrika Shankarnarayan, VP for product at Salesforce Data Cloud, views CData connectors as an expansion of data connectivity options for customers using the Data Cloud.

CData has experienced substantial growth since its establishment in 2016, with over 40% year-over-year revenue growth. The platform serves a diverse range of organizations, from SMEs to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises. The company has also raised $160 million in funding through multiple investment rounds.

By incorporating CData’s high-performance connectivity, Salesforce aims to enhance its customers’ ability to access and leverage disparate data, ultimately delivering exceptional customer experiences.