ScanSource Attributes Multi-Day Outages to Ransomware Attack

Prominent technology provider, ScanSource, has confirmed a ransomware attack that disrupted its systems, operations, and customer portals. The US-based company offers cloud services, SaaS connectivity, and specialized solutions like point of sale (PoS) and security.

Reports from customers unable to access ScanSource’s portals raised concerns of a cyberattack, later confirmed by the company. Following the incident, ScanSource activated its incident response plan, collaborating with law enforcement, forensic experts, and cybersecurity professionals.

ScanSource expressed regret for any inconvenience caused and pledged to restore affected systems while mitigating business impact. The company, listed on NASDAQ as a Fortune 1000 entity, experienced a 1.42% stock price drop after disclosing the cyberattack. The responsible ransomware operation and potential data compromise are currently unknown. BleepingComputer is seeking further details from ScanSource for updates.