The Benefits of Cloud Apps Over Spreadsheets for Data Management and Analytics

In the past, professional programmers used tools like COBOL and early relational databases to create historical reports, while users had to wait for IT to analyze their data. Spreadsheets changed this by allowing users to automate calculations and create formatted reports, but they also caused problems with data accuracy and consistency.

Today, modern tech platforms like cloud, data lakehouses, hyperautomation, and business intelligence (BI) offer solutions to these issues. Hyperautomation tools like low-code, RPA, workflow, and AI also empower end-users without sacrificing governance. Redesigning Excel models using modern cloud-based tools can improve data quality, reduce manual work, simplify testing and debugging, and create standardized building blocks for others to use. Starting with a modern cloud data lakehouse, adding analytics tools, and implementing hyperautomation can help businesses modernize. While modern tech platforms may not be as easy to use as Excel, they ultimately offer more benefits for businesses.