A Company That Paid Millions In Recovery Were Hit Two Weeks Later By The Same Hackers

A company that fell victim to a ransomware attack and paid cyber criminals millions for the decryption key to restore their network fell victim to the exact same ransomware gang under two weeks later after failing to examine why the attack was able to happen in the first place.

The unnamed company fell victim to a ransomware attack and paid millions in bitcoin in order to restore the network and retrieve the files.

However, the company just left it at that, failing to analyze how cyber criminals infiltrated the network – something that came back to haunt them when the same ransomware gang infected the network with the same ransomware less than two weeks later. The company ended up paying a ransom a second time.

“We’ve heard of one organization that paid a ransom (a little under 6.5 million) and recovered their files (using the supplied decryptor), without any effort to identify the root cause and secure their network. Less than two weeks later, the same attacker attacked the victim’s network again, using the same mechanism as before, and re-deployed their ransomware. The victim felt they had no other option but to pay the ransom again,”.

The important take away lesson is that if you fall victim to a ransomware attack, find out how it was possible for cyber criminals to embed themselves on the network undetected before the ransomware payload was unleashed.

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