Does Your Multicloud Strategy Include Cloud Repatriation?

Cloud repatriation is becoming increasingly common as organizations repatriate workloads or applications from public clouds to in-house or other locations. Repatriation is usually due to technical misfires or perceived cost inefficiencies associated with fast-growing public cloud consumption. However, repatriation should not be considered a failure, but rather a tactical lever for workload placement that can […]

Pwn2Own 2023 sees successful hacks of Windows 11, Tesla, Ubuntu, and macOS

Security researchers have successfully hacked Tesla Model 3, Windows 11, macOS, Ubuntu Desktop, Oracle VirtualBox, and Microsoft’s SharePoint team collaboration platform at the Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023 competition. The competition is divided into several categories, including enterprise applications, enterprise communications, local escalation of privilege, server, virtualization, and automotive. The hacks demonstrated during the competition have earned […]