Caution to Android Users: These 38 malicious apps covertly display ads on your phone

A McAfee report has identified 38 Android apps that engage in malicious activities on users’ devices. The apps claim to provide Minecraft-like gaming experiences but are free alternatives to the paid mobile version. The cybersecurity firm found that the apps generate unjustified revenue for the game developers by delivering dubious advertisements in the background of […]

Apple and Google team up to combat unwanted tracking

Apple and Google are teaming up to combat unwanted tracking through devices such as AirTags and other Bluetooth trackers. The companies have announced a new industry-standard protocol to help prevent unauthorized monitoring, with the specification allowing Bluetooth location-tracking devices to be compatible with detection and alerts across iOS and Android platforms. The initiative builds on […]

Lessons the Cybersecurity Industry Can Learn from the SVB Breach

Organizational leadership must be knowledgeable about risk management to prevent cybersecurity breaches and safeguard confidential data, which can damage a brand’s reputation. The recent Silicon Valley Bank crisis highlights the importance of reporting security and privacy posture more transparently and frequently, measuring the business impact of risks, and prioritizing security and privacy projects. Consistent communication […]

Vulnerable Cloud Attack Surface Shows Almost 600% Annual Growth, According to Report

JupiterOne’s State of Cyber Assets Report reveals a significant 133% YoY growth in cyber assets for security organizations, leading to increased security complexity and pressure for cloud enterprises. The report indicates a surge in security vulnerabilities by 589%, which may be attributed to new technologies for vulnerability identification. The report stresses the importance of unified […]

Concerns over Cloud Gaming Prompt UK to Block Microsoft’s $69 Billion Activision Deal

The UK’s antitrust regulator has blocked Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of gaming giant Activision Blizzard over concerns that it would hinder competition in cloud gaming. The regulator said that Microsoft’s commitment to offer access to Activision’s “Call of Duty” franchise to leading cloud gaming platforms would not effectively remedy its concerns. Microsoft’s President Brad Smith […]

Chinese Cloud Companies Such as Huawei May Constitute a Risk, According to US Official

On Wednesday, the U.S. Commerce Secretary, Gina Raimondo, expressed concern that Chinese cloud computing companies, including Huawei Cloud and Alibaba Cloud, could potentially threaten U.S. national security. Raimondo pledged to examine a request made by nine Republican senators to add Huawei’s cloud unit, Alibaba Cloud, and other Chinese cloud service providers to the Entity List, […]