A North Korean hacking group utilizes cryptocurrency theft, cryptomining, and money laundering as tools in their arsenal

A North Korean hacking group, known as APT43, has been found to utilize a unique money-laundering scheme involving stolen cryptocurrency and rented services to create clean digital currency, according to a report from Google’s Mandiant. The group, which has been operational since at least 2012, focuses on cyberespionage, but also steals cryptocurrency to fund its […]

Does Your Multicloud Strategy Include Cloud Repatriation?

Cloud repatriation is becoming increasingly common as organizations repatriate workloads or applications from public clouds to in-house or other locations. Repatriation is usually due to technical misfires or perceived cost inefficiencies associated with fast-growing public cloud consumption. However, repatriation should not be considered a failure, but rather a tactical lever for workload placement that can […]

Pwn2Own 2023 sees successful hacks of Windows 11, Tesla, Ubuntu, and macOS

Security researchers have successfully hacked Tesla Model 3, Windows 11, macOS, Ubuntu Desktop, Oracle VirtualBox, and Microsoft’s SharePoint team collaboration platform at the Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023 competition. The competition is divided into several categories, including enterprise applications, enterprise communications, local escalation of privilege, server, virtualization, and automotive. The hacks demonstrated during the competition have earned […]

Study funded by tech industry raises concerns over exclusion of non-EU cloud vendors

According to a study commissioned by the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA), a proposed European Union cloud security label that could exclude non-EU cloud services providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft is discriminatory and could lead to retaliatory measures. The study was conducted by the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) and […]

New PowerMagic and CommonMagic malware utilized by hackers for data theft

A new article reports that an advanced threat actor has been discovered using a previously unseen malicious framework called CommonMagic and a new backdoor called PowerMagic. The malware pieces have been used in operations since at least September 2021 and continue to target organizations in the administrative, agriculture, and transportation sectors for espionage purposes. Once […]