Launch of Manufacturing Data Cloud by Snowflake Aims to Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency

Snowflake, a data cloud firm, has launched a new platform called the Manufacturing Data Cloud. It has been developed to enable companies in automotive, technology, energy and industrial sectors to use their critical industrial data, which was previously siloed, to increase the supply chain performance, efficiency and visibility. The Manufacturing Data Cloud will empower manufacturers to collaborate securely and in a scalable way with partners, customers and suppliers. It offers a fully-managed, unified, multi-cloud platform that provides manufacturers with the ability to break down data silos by analyzing both IT and OT data alongside third-party partner data.

The platform supports semi-structured, structured, and unstructured high-volume IoT data and offers native support for Python, Java and Scala through Snowpark. This will allow different teams to work together to develop AI and ML models confidently, forecast demand and enable critical use cases, such as supply chain control tower and spend analytics. The Manufacturing Data Cloud will also leverage Snowflake’s rich partner ecosystem, which will drive innovation and reduce time to value, enabling manufacturers to deliver better products and services to their customers.