Online Safety for Children – Identifying Potential Cybersecurity Threats

Law enforcement officials are warning parents about the widespread dangers that children face online. With access to technology that previous generations never had, children are more vulnerable to cyber crimes than ever before. The Lawrence County Sheriff’s department has seen a spike in cyber crime against children, which has prompted them to launch the Cyber Security for Kids program. The goal is to encourage parents to become involved with their children’s online activity and educate them on potential cyber security threats.

Sheriff Brad A. Delay emphasizes that children may not realize the potential risks associated with their online activities, including the fact that predators may be using the same apps and social media platforms. Predators may disguise themselves as someone else to gain the trust of children and manipulate them. This puts children at risk of being taken advantage of and possibly falling victim to child sex trafficking.

To prevent these scenarios from occurring, Delay urges parents to use parental controls and become involved in their children’s online activity. By doing so, they can identify potential threats and protect their children from harm.