STYX, a newly emerged dark web marketplace, specializes in offering financial fraud-related service

STYX is a new dark web marketplace that was launched earlier this year and offers various illegal services and stolen data for sale. Among the services provided on the platform are identity theft, money laundering, DDoS, fake or stolen IDs, renting malware, bypassing 2FA, email and telephone flooding, identity lookup, and more. STYX uses an escrow system to broker transactions between buyers and sellers and supports multiple cryptocurrencies as payment options. The platform features a section reserved for trusted sellers, likely to increase trust in the platform.

Resecurity, a threat intelligence company, discovered mentions of STYX on the dark web since early 2022 when the founders were building the escrow module. The marketplace offers a wide range of financial fraud services, including money laundering for BEC scammers and other fraudsters. The platform hosts a plethora of cash-out shops that offer “clean” funds via Apple Pay, PayPal, and various financial institutions. The emergence of STYX as a new platform for financially-motivated cybercriminals highlights the need for digital banks, online payment platforms, and e-commerce systems to upgrade their fraud protections and KYC checks.