US Takes Proactive Approach in Cyberspace Amid Mounting Tensions over Taiwan

US lawmakers have introduced a bill called the Taiwan Cybersecurity Resiliency Act aimed at strengthening Taiwan’s cyber defenses amid rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific region. China, who has become a cyber power, is accused of launching millions of cyberattacks each month against Taiwan, with some later used against the US. The bill requires the Department of Defense to broaden and strengthen cybersecurity cooperation with Taiwan by providing cyber training exercises, defending the country’s military networks, infrastructure and systems, and using US cybersecurity technologies to help defend Taiwan against Chinese cyberattacks.

The bill comes amid growing tension between the US, China and Taiwan, and amid fears that China may invade Taiwan at some point. The US has learned lessons from the war in Ukraine, particularly the way the Russians launched several disruptive cyberattacks against Ukrainian critical infrastructure prior to invading the country, and will use these in support of Taiwan.