Vulnerable Cloud Attack Surface Shows Almost 600% Annual Growth, According to Report

JupiterOne’s State of Cyber Assets Report reveals a significant 133% YoY growth in cyber assets for security organizations, leading to increased security complexity and pressure for cloud enterprises. The report indicates a surge in security vulnerabilities by 589%, which may be attributed to new technologies for vulnerability identification.

The report stresses the importance of unified cyber insight, with an average security team correlating 8.67 security data sources. Cyber assets are also identified as business assets, with an average value of $17,711 in 2023.

Security practitioners are responsible for an average of 334 unique Cloud Service Provider (CSP) accounts in 2023, and the distributed cloud architecture method creates resiliency against destructive ransomware attacks. However, the report highlights the complexity cybersecurity teams face in contending with more assets, less standardization across CSPs, and the necessity of unified cyber insight.

The SCAR report underscores the need for enterprises to prioritize cybersecurity measures to protect their cloud assets against mounting cyber threats.