IBM’s Struggle to Adapt to the Cloud Era: Internal Culture, Lack of Innovation, and the SoftLayer Acquisition

IBM struggled to adapt to the cloud computing era due to a combination of internal cultural issues and lack of technological innovation. Despite acquiring cloud computing division SoftLayer in 2013, the company found itself unable to keep up with competitors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, due to the limitations of SoftLayer’s […]

Severe Bugs Found In Netgear Routers Could Impact Corporations

Attackers could use critical firmware vulnerabilities discovered by Microsoft in some NETGEAR router models as a stepping stone to move laterally within enterprise networks. The security flaws impact DGN2200v1 series routers running firmware versions before v1.0.0.60 and compatible with all major DSL Internet service providers. They allow unauthenticated attackers to access unpatched routers’ management pages […]

Use of Cryptocurrency For Ransomware Payments Helping to Minimize Risk to Hackers

Requesting ransoms in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Monero gives cybercriminals a stateless, decentralized, and anonymized method of transferring funds. This makes payments easier to facilitate than a wire transfer or international payment in fiat currencies and reduces the risk of apprehension. Unlike bank accounts, crypto wallets can be anonymously created and accessed by anyone who […]